February 21, 2009


I'm back once again after such a long time.. Ntg much to say this time.. Well, I just came back from my school's sports day.. This year the event wasnt as enjoyable as expected.. Wasn't that happening.. I felt it was normal and usual... Nothing great about it.. Somehow, we had fun there.. I went there with my friends... Before that, we had breakfast in a restaurant.. It was a perfect timing as the thing started as soon as we arrived there.. I mean the marching thingy.. Well, met most of my friends and teachers there... Talking about them makes me miss the good old days.. Haihzz... Neway it was kinda scroching hot at 10.00 a.m itself.. So couldn't enjoy that much.. We just sat under the tent and talked with my teacher.. Neway, we enjoyed ourselves as much as we could.. By the way, I couldnt tolerate the annoyance of one of my schoolmates.. Name is private and confidential.. Haha.. I don't know what on earth he was crapping.. He was talking non-stop yet they were just baseless.. haha.. I'm actually running out of ideas.. Will write more soon.. Till then take care.. Sayonara.. Chiowzz!!

February 10, 2009

I'm back.....!

Hey hey hey everyone.. Finally, I'm back from my holidays... Let me start off by telling what happened last Friday.. We went to KL to send off my aunt.. Her house was occupied by a lot of people when I went there.. Obviously, people came there to wish them too.. They left at about 7 smtg in the evening.. Their flight was scheduled at 10.40 p.m... Before they left, my cousin Ishwar cried.. Haha.. I never knew that Ishwar can be sentimental at times.. And he didn't cry because he's leaving us but he cried because he's leaving his friend... Haha.. One of Ishwar's friend cried.. Haihzz.. Whatever it is, the reached Australia safe and sound.. My uncle called from there yesterday..

Well, Thaipusam in Sungai Petani was a blast.. Never seen so much crowd for Thaipusam.. Never in history actually SP had so much crowd.. The crowd was like never-ending from morning till night.. Cant' even move around.. Saw a lot of kavadis... They were so colourful.. Many different kinds and patterns of kavadi.. It was really superb..

Oh ya... Well, I think its a very lucky year form me this year... Somehow, parents bought me new handphone.. Haha.. Nokia N95.. My dream phone and finally i got it and I just love the phone.. It has everything.. Camera, bluetooth, infrared, large memory capacity, music, maps and so on.. And i'm very thankful to my parents.. Its not that easy to get what we yearn for nowadays and if we have it, we must learn to appreciate it.. Haha.. Well I don't know what else to write.. Will write more soon.. Till then tc and sayonara!! Chiowzz!!

February 6, 2009

SP Here I Come!!!

Hai guys... I know it had been quite some time I didn't blog.. Maybe because nothing gave me inspiration or simply I didn't know what to write.. Somehow today I want to write something yet I still don't know what that something is.. haha.. Lets see.. Hmmm.. Oh ya.. I'll be off to KL later at around 3 p.m. to send off my aunt and her family at the KLIA airport.. They'll be leaving to Australia today which I wish I have the chance to go to but maybe not now.. haha.. Talking about KLIA makes some sweet memories come flashing back.. Somehow I spent 8 hours loitering around in KLIA and just imagine we ate KFC at 3 a.m... haha... I'm surely going to miss my aunt, uncle and my cousins.. Had so much fun wit them lately.. haihzz.. I don't know why they have to shift there... Somehow, the one and only reason we go to KL is now gone.. Anyway, hope they have a safe journey there and I still cannot imagine how my cousins would be when I meet them next time because obviously their English would be superb like hell... haha... And their behaviour and so on.. We'll just wait and see.. But for now, bon voyage for them and hope they'll enjoy themselves there because they have four seasons there which apparently I never experienced before.. Haiya... Just dream la now and in future can fly to Australia.. haha...

We'll be celebrating Thaipusam in Sungai Petani, Kedah this year.. My mother's birthtown and hometown.. It means the same.. Nevermind.. haha.. My cousin brother will be taking 'kavadi'.. I don't know what we call kavadi in English.. Wait let me think... Hmmmm..... Ok nvm.. It'll take ages for me to figure out... haha.. Neway, hope to have fun there because I have a lot of cousins there.. Almost most of my maternal aunties are there.. So la ti do so do.. haha.. That's nothing... So hope to have a blast on Thaipusam day.. We'll be leaving tomorrow and will only back on Monday... Ok i'm running out of ideas... Will write more soon when I'm back home.. Till then take everyone... Happy Thaipusam.. May the great Lord bless everyone.. Sayonara!! Chiowzz!!