June 8, 2010

So-called holiday!!!

Hey people... I'm feeling pretty much bored now.. So decided to write something.. Having tonnes of homework and assignments to be done but lacking motivation as usual.. GOD save me please.. Well nothing much to write this time... Just going to crap something to kill my time.. Talking about holidays, 1 week of them has been eaten up by Biro Tatanegara Camp... A camp where all scholars need to attend before flying off to overseas... And the best part is, they say you won't be able to fly if you don't pass the exam of the camp.. How much it is true, only God knows.. LOL..

It started off by us leaving to the Kem Bina Negara Meru, Klang last Monday (31st May 2010).. We reached the very very early than the intended time.. As usual, they had registration, food and bla bla bla... We were briefed by Pak Mus, one of the best trainer ever.. Though strict at times, he is damn funny.. Not to forget other trainers who are equally good such as Pak Jaafar, Pak Yah just to name a few.. Well 5 days and 4 nights were filled with activities.. It was mix of hell and heaven.. Our handphones were taken away!!!!!! Not only that we had the experience of being invaded by monkeys and we had to clean up the dorm all by ourselves.. pheewww!!! Plus I was having fever and flu throughout which killed me enough...

As I said, it was filled with activities which appeared fun and not so fun at times.. Can't really comment about the camp or else I might be sued for defamation..=P.. So yeah... We also had jungle-trekking, repelling and and LDKs... Five days four nights were somehow useful as we got to know students from other colleges and the bond among Taylor-ians were strengthened... On the last day, we were awarded with a certificate stating that we had successfully completed the course.. How successful it is, depends on the person him or herself.. :S.. A picture of my group during BTN Camp..

Spend the weekend alone all by myself in my unit... Thanks to my friends and cousin, I managed to spend time interestingly... Went out for movies with friends on Friday and with cousin on Saturday... Watched the same movies again and again.. Don't ask me why...

Then on Monday, went to Kuala Lumpur Court Complex in Jalan Duta where they had the High Courts, Session Court, Magistrate Courts and so on.. Managed to see a few trials and some criminals handcuffed.. Also managed to see the daughter of Karpal Singh.. Forgot what her name is... However, we missed the chance to see Karpal Singh himself because we had to leave early.. But all in all, it was fun... Spending time with friends no matter where you are is always awesome and thank you Ms Wendy for creating the opportunity for us...=) And here's a picture of us in front of the complex..

After that trip, I headed straight back to Kampar... The train I took was delayed for 2 hours and I was freaking tired but I'm glad I'm home now.. Nothing beats the feeling of being home and being with your loved ones.. Not forgetting home-cooked food... That's all for now.. Got to go now... Will write more soon, God knows when..=P... Sayonara..!! Chiowzz!!