September 27, 2009

Bye bye holidays!!

Hello ppl... I'm back after a long break.. Well not break actually but yeah having one week of holidays which is going to end today.. So sad.. Mixed feelings of going back to my second home.. Casa Subang... Well i'm writing this post due to popular demand... That sharveen and renu asked me to update as you can see on your right... So now, what to write... Oh yea.. Perhaps the things I did so far???

1) Ice skating - damn fun and planning to go again soon

2) Watched movie - Orphan, Final Destination 4, Up, The Proposal and the list goes on..

3)Presentation - ESL and Psychology.. (Both were ok..)

4)Created havoc in Facebook twice with my status.. Haha... (90+ comments)

5)Went out with my secondary school friends... (Missing those moments)

Well well well... What I did so far was great and memorable.. Hmmm.. Now lets see what I'm going to do next or maybe in the future...

1)Go back to Casa later in the morning... (Holidays ended.. Haihzzz)

2)Meet up with my college friends...

3)Study 4 Issue Analysis and do my legal essay...( 1 week didn't do anything.. Damn I'm so lazy)

4)College on Monday and there starts hell - Moral education for 2 hours on Monday...

5) Issue Analysis on Monday... (Haven't studied-so proud of myself..Lolx)

6)IELTS classes starting.. Another mind-tiring classs...

7) DeepaRaya BBQ of J7

8) Ice skating again next Saturday or Sunday...

9) More Coming sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonn...Lolx

That's all I can write for now.. Will update more soon.. Take care guys.. Sayonara!!!