November 27, 2010

Every beginning has an end!!!

Hello everyone! Every beginning has an end as well as every hello has a goodbye!! My journey in SAM has finally come to an end!! After one and a half year of hardships, obstacles, struggles, happy moments, joy, cries and laughter, it finally ended! It is an official farewell to Taylor's, SAM, Casa Subang and Subang Jaya. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone whom made my SAM life a memorable one. Though it was a hectic one, not to forget the tonnes assignments and tests, it has managed to build my resilience. This is when the famous cliche comes in "We have gone through SAM, this is nothing!!'.

I would like to thank my lecturers who have been patient in teaching and guiding me through my course.

ESL - Ms Prem, Ms Nadiah

Economics - Ms Cheryl

Psychology - Ms Wu, Ms Audrey

Accounts - Ms Choo, Ms Sakun, Ms Yong

Legals - Mr Vijay, Ms Wendy

All the names above were my lecturers for the one and a half year SAM and they have put in their best to educate me. Not to forget their high hopes on me which boosted my confidence and made me where I am today! Thanks a lot to all of you! Will always remember all of you! And of course my pre-u would have been nothing if it were not for my friends as well! Throughout my SAM, I got to know a lot of them with diverse personality and characteristic which made my course a lively and colourful one.

09J7 - Sharveen, Razin, Zul, Kat, Laila, Aicha, Nina, Mai, Ashu, Syakirin, Ling, Caleb, Tan, Nik, Eu and Ameer!!

Housemates - Wallace, Hunter, Albert, Bernard, Yong Fung

Whacko ones - Jocinda, Renu, Nazihah, Hasniza, Danny, Jarry, Lily, Choi May, Juana, Talitha, Eunice, Elaine, Yan Ni, Li Ting, Yen Wei, Farrell and the list goes on...

Thanks a lot to all of you for making my SAM one of the most precious moments in my life and thanks for being there for me all the time. Going to miss all of you. I'm now back in my hometown for good! A long break before I fly off (hopefully, LOL!)! Results will be out soon in 3 weeks time and that shall determine how my future would be. As for now, it's time to relax and enjoy the break! Well that's all for now I guess. Till then, take care everyone!!=)

September 30, 2010


Imagine being abused...
Imagine being homeless....
Imagine having no national identity..
Imagine not being able to enter school...
Imagine not being cared for...
But just imagine being cared for by one person.. It makes a big difference in one's life.. This is what Harvest Center in Sentul all about... It prevents every negative elements of life from attacking a child by just simply caring for that child by making world a better place to live in..

Harvest Centre is a centre which educates those children who has the passion to learn but has not financial ability in doing so. The kids were those who were underprivileged, has no family support as well as refugees. They comprised of a child as young as a toddler to the age of 17.

Today, we made a visit to this centre. The SAM Fiesta committee decided to do its part by contributing something to the centre through the proceeds raised from SAM Fiesta. It was a visit that thought some of us the lessons of life that would not be gained easily through books. It was sad to know that there are people who still live in poverty although we have progressed so much. The kids were delighted to see us as they were used to visitors. We were briefed by the person-in-charge on the operation of the centre. He told us something that really caught our attention. He told us what religion is all about. A religion teaches us to help those who are in need especially those children who are unfortunate whom are the leaders of our future generations. When you see someone unfortunate, don't just turn away. Help them out instead of just telling them "Oh hope you will be better. Don't worry, I'll pray you". He calls that a 'sick' religion. I found what he said was really true. Anyone can pray for someone to be better, but it takes a strong heart to help those who are in need instead of just sitting and hoping someone else would help them. We were also made aware that kids as young as primary school children, save their pocket money to contribute to the centre. So the question which rises out of this is not whether or not we are capable of doing it but it is whether or not we are willing to do it?

This visit has made most of us realize how blessed and fortunate we are. We have proper home, we get proper education and we take proper meals as much as we want. We are considered the 20% rich. But when we stop and ponder, we would realize that not everyone are as fortunate as us. Some of these kids live just by RM10 per day. We sometimes spend RM50 a day and yet we complain we do not have enough money. We whine and grumble why do we have to study, why we have so little money, why parents are nagging so much and why do I have to do things that I am not willing to. But we forget that, out there, the unfortunates ones do not even have the opportunity to receive education, to spend time with their parents and sometimes they barely have enough money just to take a single meal. Perhaps it's is time for us to learn to appreciate what we are blessed with. It's time to help those who are in need and contribute something to the community. It may be big or it may be a small contribution. But what really matters, is the willingness and the heart of doing so.

That's all for now. Do check out the Harvest Centre website. The link is

Appreciate, contribute and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!


June 8, 2010

So-called holiday!!!

Hey people... I'm feeling pretty much bored now.. So decided to write something.. Having tonnes of homework and assignments to be done but lacking motivation as usual.. GOD save me please.. Well nothing much to write this time... Just going to crap something to kill my time.. Talking about holidays, 1 week of them has been eaten up by Biro Tatanegara Camp... A camp where all scholars need to attend before flying off to overseas... And the best part is, they say you won't be able to fly if you don't pass the exam of the camp.. How much it is true, only God knows.. LOL..

It started off by us leaving to the Kem Bina Negara Meru, Klang last Monday (31st May 2010).. We reached the very very early than the intended time.. As usual, they had registration, food and bla bla bla... We were briefed by Pak Mus, one of the best trainer ever.. Though strict at times, he is damn funny.. Not to forget other trainers who are equally good such as Pak Jaafar, Pak Yah just to name a few.. Well 5 days and 4 nights were filled with activities.. It was mix of hell and heaven.. Our handphones were taken away!!!!!! Not only that we had the experience of being invaded by monkeys and we had to clean up the dorm all by ourselves.. pheewww!!! Plus I was having fever and flu throughout which killed me enough...

As I said, it was filled with activities which appeared fun and not so fun at times.. Can't really comment about the camp or else I might be sued for defamation..=P.. So yeah... We also had jungle-trekking, repelling and and LDKs... Five days four nights were somehow useful as we got to know students from other colleges and the bond among Taylor-ians were strengthened... On the last day, we were awarded with a certificate stating that we had successfully completed the course.. How successful it is, depends on the person him or herself.. :S.. A picture of my group during BTN Camp..

Spend the weekend alone all by myself in my unit... Thanks to my friends and cousin, I managed to spend time interestingly... Went out for movies with friends on Friday and with cousin on Saturday... Watched the same movies again and again.. Don't ask me why...

Then on Monday, went to Kuala Lumpur Court Complex in Jalan Duta where they had the High Courts, Session Court, Magistrate Courts and so on.. Managed to see a few trials and some criminals handcuffed.. Also managed to see the daughter of Karpal Singh.. Forgot what her name is... However, we missed the chance to see Karpal Singh himself because we had to leave early.. But all in all, it was fun... Spending time with friends no matter where you are is always awesome and thank you Ms Wendy for creating the opportunity for us...=) And here's a picture of us in front of the complex..

After that trip, I headed straight back to Kampar... The train I took was delayed for 2 hours and I was freaking tired but I'm glad I'm home now.. Nothing beats the feeling of being home and being with your loved ones.. Not forgetting home-cooked food... That's all for now.. Got to go now... Will write more soon, God knows when..=P... Sayonara..!! Chiowzz!!

April 17, 2010

M.A.D.U made my day once again!!!

It was indeed a great day once again... M.A.D.U is nothing but fun... Went to Seri Pantai today once again.. But today for a more serious work... Not really serious though.. LOL.. Left Casa Subang at around 9.30 pm and reached Seri Pantai at around 10a.m. i guess (didn't look at the time)... Grabbed some food to eat and went to the community hall..

Not many kids came today though due to some activities they have in their school.. We were regrouped and were assigned to different age group as well.. My group today consisted of the volunteers - myself, Renu, Miao, and Yasmin; and the kids - Bird @Siaw Pei, Han and Raj.. All of them seemed shy... Somehow we managed to bring themselves all the way out... We had some reading activities today.. We guided the kids to read the books provided and answer the exercise sheet in accordance to the book read.. Once done, it will be pasted in their journal.. After that, the kids were given their journals.. We then decided to draw pictures on the theme of Nature.. Took some time to draw and this is what I came up with..=P

Once we were done drawing, we had some 'story-drawing' session where the kids had to explain what they drew and why they drew... We then ended the session by wrapping up everything as it was time to go home..

As we were busy putting everything back, the kids came to us and asked 4 our signatures or what you call autographs... We feel so honoured to actually sign their page.. LOL.. Once I was done with that, Amami, who was in my previous group, came and stood beside me, touched my shoulder, sat beside me and hugged me.. I felt so touched to see a boy who was actually crying and shy last week coming out of his old self... Talked to him for a while and he showed things he pasted and drew.. It was indeed touching..=). Then it was time for them to go home... We had a debriefing sessions where we were told that we will be going back to Seri Pantai on 8th of May only... Missing the kids right now especially the 9-year-old boy, Amami..=)

Well got to go now... Have to go take my lunch and then take a nap... Have to study today no matter what.. Two tests on Monday.. Hope to do well in the test.. Take care people.. Sayonara!

April 11, 2010

Saturday, A Day full of Activities!!!

The day started off with a big hope.. A hope to make a change in some kids' life... Yeah, M.A.D.U. it is.. Started off the journey from Casa Subang with Nisha, Tan, Renu, Nina, Yan Ni and a few others... A van picked us up (although it came 1/2 hour late) and brought us to Taylor's... There, we joined the other volunteers as well as the teachers, Miss Cheryl, Mr Yong and a few other lecturers.. Before I continue, let me brief what MADU is about...

M.A.D.U is a club/society which carries out community projects.. This year there are four projects.. 1) Sri Budriah- antibully project, 2) PJS7- reading program, 3)Seri Pantai- reading program and 4)Sentul- Math coaching program. All the programs started yesterday (10th April 2010).

I joined the Seri Pantai reading program... It was somewhere in Bangsar.. We reached there at around 10a.m.. Once we reached there, we were briefed on what to do and a few things about the kids and the community there... We then entered the community hall and there were a lot of kids from ages of 7 to 12... The kids were then divided into groups according to their ages... We were also divided into groups... My group consists of myself, Nisha, Renu, Yan Ni and Tan... We were assigned to the 9-year-old kids...

First, we had some ice breaking activities... We sang songs, had games, musical chair, dance, and some warming up sessions (running around)... The kids in our group were Qistina, Yong Ning, Muhammad Amami, Suhaila, Nisha and Priya.. They were a sporting bunch of kids and they enjoyed themselves... One could really feel their excitment and happiness which can be literally seen through their laughters... I felt happy seeing them laugh, dance, clap, run and jump around.. The project really made my day... I will be going there next saturday and i'm looking forward to it.. We came back around 1 p.m....

After that, I made some plans to hang out with Yen Wei as it was her birthday yesterday.. She asked us out to have dinner with her in Sunway Pyramid at 7.30 p.m... So, I, being the ice-skating crazy, decided to go ice-skating with Ashu, See Weng and Hunter.. We skated around 3 to 4 hours.. Not to mention, made some friends in the ice-skating rink... LOL...

At 7.30 p.m, the birthday girl called me saying that she is already in Sunway Pyramid and together with another friend, Pam... We then stopped skating and joined them for dinner... We went to none other than, Bubba Gump!!! Does it remind you of Foreest Gump? Run Forrest Run!!!!=P... Well well well the restaurant was well known for its shrimp.. As for me, I ordered Shrimper's Heaven ( you get a variety of shrimps and they tasted really good) and Sunburst drink in a glass with light underneath it.. Hunter ordered BBQ Chicken Salad and tasted really good too... We had a blast laughing and joking... Later on, went back at around 10 pm, bathe and slept right away (was too tired)...

Well it was indeed a great day for me... Well, i have to go now.. Have to complete my homework and assignments.. Lol.. Write more soon.. Adiowzzz!!!