January 30, 2009

Ipoh Mali!

Hello guys.. I'm back after quite a long holiday in Ipoh.. Had a lof of fun there.. And the BBQ dinner was like totally awesome.. My aunt's home which used to be quiet became so happening.. Not to mention the kids' shoutings.. haha.. There was around 30 people for the BBQ.. They had roast chicken, mutton, chicken, sausages, puttu mayam, chicken and some other dishes.. The food was so nice and I enjoyed them very well..=P.. I've uploaded some pictures of the dish.. My aunt made them all... And guess what... We had 'Yu Sheng' too.. haha..

Looks yummy eh?? Haha... I really enjoyed them.. U can view more pics in my friendster profile.. And now i'm back home doing usual stuff as i always do.. Haha.. Planned to go out today but as usual it was somehow ruined.. Maybe better luck next time.. Got to go now.. Alright everyone.. Tc and chiowzz!! Sayonara!!

January 23, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Cai...

Hola everyone.. Chinese New Year or also known as Lunar New Year is just around the corner.. So I would like to take this opportunity to wish all Malaysians especially Chinese friends a very Happy Chinese New Year.. May this new year bring good luck and properities.. Oh ya.. When I was looking about in the Internet about Chinese New Year just to gain some informations, I found out that YU SHENG (one of my friend's name) means a raw fish salad dish consumed on the 7th day of the Chinese New Year.. Haha.. I didn't know it all this while and it sounds weird and funny.. Hope he doesn't mind..=P. Well this is how 'Yu Sheng' looks like.. Not my friend but the dish.. haha.. This is no joke guys but i found it in the Internet..

Thats all for now.. Haha.. I would like to do some correction.. Remember I said we'll be having BBQ on CNY? Well it's actually tomorrow.. haha.. Can't wait for it.. Alright then.. Once again I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year.. Have fun guys... Take care.. Chiowzz!!!

January 22, 2009

A Person In Disguise..

Good afternoon everyone..=P. Very formal eh? Haha. Neway, good day today that something I heard and saw gave me some sort of inspiration to write this blog. Well, I don't think so I'm going to write about my boredom. So don't worry.. Well, coming back to the title of this post "A Person In Disguise", its actually some sort of a true story.. I'm not goint to write a English essay or what because I bet you wouldn't wish to read the stories i write because they would be terrible.. Haha.. Eh, wait lari tajuk ready..

Well, well, well... Flashback time.. A friend of mine (name is not important i think) was in love with a guy(name not important also) long long time ago.. Maybe crush or whatever they call that.. Wait let me get this straight.. I'm not badmouthing but its necessary for me to this tell this so that it reflects my point vividly.. Now back to the story...=P. Let me get straight to the point.. That particular guy didn't show his picture and he just described himself and my friend believed I guess.. And just today, I got to see his picture.. It was way totally different from what he described.. However, they are not in love now(fortunately).. My friend was shocked to see his picture too.. (once again i'm not being offensive).. To be honest, I was totally speechless..

Enough of the story and coming back to my point, why should someone lie about himself or herself? I mean the way they look.. Is it necessary to be in love while you are not being your true self? I understand that some may think that other may not accept them for what they are but what do you call a love full of lies.. If some truly loves you, they should learn to love you for what you truly and accept the way you are.. What's the point of showing pictures of other person as yourself and saying it's you or describing yourself the way you are not? First I think we must learn to accept the way we are so that people will accept us... If some people don't, why should we bother about them? I'm sure there are many other people out there wishing to spend time with us.. As the adage goes, "Be the change you wish to see in the world'..=P

Hope you guys understand what I'm trying to say.. I'm not being offensive and i'm not trying to hurt anyone's feelings.. But if you sit and think one moment, maybe what i said will make sense..I know its easier said than done but we just have to try.. No one is perfect in this world so we cannot blame anyone and mistakes do happen.. Just saying that we should try to avoid things like what I mentioned above from happening..

Hmmm... That's the end of my post today.. Hehe.. Oh ya forgot to tell something.. Well I saw a movie yesterday in TV2.. The title was Independence Day.. Some of you may think its a old movie or what but unfortunately i'm watching it for the first time.. haha.. The movie was superb and the storyline was interesting.. It was Will Smith and Bill Pullman's movie... I mean they acted in it.. My friend told me that I Am A Legend is a nice movie too.. Hoping to watch it soon.. It seems that its a touching story and he(Will Smith) will die in the end.. His dog will die too it seems.. Haha.. Nowadays, animals are given importance too..

Well I think that's all for now.. I'm running out of ideas to write.. Once again no harsh feelings everyone.. Just said what I thought.. Sorry if i hurted anyone's feeling which i didn't mean to do it at all... Aite then tc everyone.. Sayonara!! Adious!!

January 20, 2009

Plans ruined!!!

Hey guys.. I'm back once again.. However, this time with a different mood.. My friends and I planned to go to Tesco to spend some time there(Nothing much to do there though).. And guess what....... The plan didn't work out.. How frustrating!! It happened at the last minute... Out of the blue, my friends had something to do.. One of them tired of being online the whole night yesterday it seems... Oh God!!! Why on earth he has to stay online so late?? I mean he knows he has things to do today.. Haihzz.. If the person who is concerned reading this blog, serves him right.. Haha.. Well no offence once again.. And my another friend's grandma got admitted in hospital it seems and so she can't make it... Hope she'll be alright...

So when boredom strikes, this is what I do.. Online and write blog.. Somehow I find it a new way to express my feelings.. Haha.. I'm really blank nowadays.. Can't really figure out how to spend my holidays.. Parents working.. Everyone is busy and I'm like stranded in the world of boredom... Planned to work but somehow it didn't work out too... So what should I do? Hmmmm... I can go out myself but it will be bored.. How do you expect me to enjoy myself?? Not used to enjoying alone.. Haha..

Therefore, what I can do now is sit and wait for something or anything to arise.. Well i'm kind of waiting for Chinese New Year to arrive.. Don't get me wrong.. haha.. I'm not going to celebrate it but we'll be having a farewell BBQ for my aunty and her family because they'll be shifting soon to Australia... I'm kind of having mixed feelings of happiness and sadness.. Sad because they'll be shifting soon and happy because I have a reason to go Australia.. Haha somehow i will call it visiting..=P. Indirectly spending holidays there.. But I still wonder when will I be going there.. Maybe in 5 years time? Only God knows...

After the CNY, we planned to go The Lost World of Tambun.. Its a water themepark.. Some of you may know and some may not.. So i'm just mentioning it.. Quite a lot of us are going.. And i really hope that we will go.. If this plan is cancelled, thats it.. I tink i would rather commit suicide.. Hehe.. Just kidding.. U don't expect me to commit suicide for this kind of reason... Well my friend just smsed me... They asked whether is it ok to go Tesco at 3.30pm.. In order to find the way out of boredom, I think i have to agree somehow.. haha.. We'll see whether it happens or not.. I think i've been crapping a lot.. Lets get some rest.. Hehe..=P. Will crap more soon.. haha.. Till then chiowzz!! Sayonara.. Tc everyone!!

January 19, 2009


Hey hey hey everyone.. This is my first time writing an official blog actually.. I don't know whether i should consider it official.. Haha.. Well I'm quite excited on writing a blog and I don't know why.. Yet I don't know what to write.. Hope u'll enjoy it... I'm trying my best not to use short forms.. Since it's been quite a long time i finished my Form 5.. So my English is kind of getting rotten.. Is it? Haha... Well seriously I don't really know what to write.. Let me see.. Well, holidays are really getting bored.. Nothing to do at all.. Took driving lessons to occupy my holidays and yet the class is like once a week.. Sometimes not even that.. When will this suffering end?? Haihzzz...

Hmmm... My holiday activities are damn bored.. I didn't get PLKN(National Service).. So I'm kinda spending my holidays at home(unfortunately)..=P . Everyday the same monotonous and boring routine.. Wake up, watch tv, online, eat and sleep back.. Haha.. Only get to go out with friends once a while... Its like everyone is busy doing something.. Some working, some went to NS, some getting ready for Chinese New Year and some just sitting at home shaking legs.. Somehow shaking legs are considered busy too nowadays.. Hahaha.. Talking about going online, not many come online nowadays.. The one and only person who I see online everyday is my perasanitic friend, the one and only, the great Yu Sheng.. Haha no offence yaar...

I'm juz waiting for the holidays to end... BUT if the holidays end,it willbe STUDY STUDY and STUDY all the time.. So now this is what I call dilema.. Haihzz.. Well I guess I got to go now.. I don't know whether my blog is boring or what.. But for the time being, this is what I can come up with.. Hehe.. Anyway, have to bring my grandma 4 Physiotheraphy now.. Will write more soon... Well, I guess this will be my job for the whole holiday.. Not a bad way to spend holiday eh? Till then tc everyone.. Chiowzz!! Adious!! Sayonara!!! Bubye!!