July 17, 2009

Life in Taylor's!!!!

Hello guys... Here am I right now, writing from The Web of Taylors... Well, it's the computer centre in Taylor's where you get to use the computers and internet for free and forever as long as you are a student here.. Lolx.. Well, well, well.. What have I done so far in Taylor's?? Hmmm.. Lets see.. Let me start off from Day 1 which is Saturday, 11th of July.. I was pretty excited to arrive here for the registration.. As to my surprise, there were many other scholars not only from JPA but MARA, BNM, MOE and YM... There was about more than hundred students where all of us are going to do SAM in Taylor's...

The registration went on well... They had the briefing by the programme director, JPA represantative and the list goes on.. And trust me, it was really very very very cold in the lecture theatre where we were given briefing.. Nothing much about the briefing part.. Well to be frank, it was quite boring.. Haha.. After that, we had our lunch and then we were moved to Casa Subang, the apartment where we are going to stay.. Well, the apartment is ok.. Not too good and not too bad.. The only thing is that we face cockroach disturbance... We killed 50 cockroaches in just one night.. Yes, I know that's a big number but we can't do anything.. They whole family tree was there and we had no other choice than to kill it all.. The Cockroach Combat.. Wohooo!!! The apartment is situated somewhere around Summit which is a very cool thing.. The are other shopping malls around the aparment as well namely MYDIN and GIANT..=P.. I went there with my friends and we always look for the cheapest things ever.. It's true that one of my friend said that, 'Now I know the value of money!!!'.. Lolx.. We have to learn to live in budget as the cost of living in Subang Jaya is quite high...

Hmmm.... Talking about the journey from the apartment to college, it sucks a lot.. For those who are wondering why, it just merely because of the traffic jam... It only takes about 15 minutes of drive from Casa to Taylor's but unfortunately, due to the trafiic jam, it takes around 1/2 hour or even more.. Hence, we have to take bus at 6.15 a.m for 8.00a.m... Hate waking up early in the morning.. Haihzz... Lets just drop this part..

Well the 1st week, starting from the 13th of July to the 17th of July, we had the orientation week.. As all orientation's have, they had briefing, workshops and bla bla bla.. Talk, talk, talk and talk.. But I enjoyed some of the slots.. The third day of the week was fun and interesting as we asked to go to the field for the team building games sessions.. It was really entertaining and we had lots and lots of fun... To be exact, the members of each them got closer and closer during this activity as they have to practise teamwork and so on... They had station games but in the end, they didn't really announce the winning teams.. Well, winning is not important but what matters most is we had fun...=)

The next day (16th of July), we had the EAP test.. We were required to write essay.. I just wrote for the sake of writing as I haven't wrote essays for quite a long time, around 8 months if I'm not mistaken.. The test lasted for 40 minutes and after that we had our group photo taking session... Then they had all the workshops here and there.. Don't know which to mention.. Haha..

Today is the very last day of the orientation week... After this, it's all about a busy life.. Classes are starting on Monday and it's going to be very very hectic and I really hope I can cope with it.. Things are good so far and hope it lasts for another 1.5 years... Lolx.. As for today, we had the group creative presentation.. There were drama, choral speaking, phantomime, sketch. singing, dancing and some others.. We really enjoyed all the presentations as all of them were good... They we had the prize giving ceremony and that denotes the end of the orientation week!! Wohooo!!! Once again, I running out of ideas to write now.. So I'll write more in the future.. See ya!! Chioowzz!!