June 5, 2009

Excellent, splendid and great!!!

Hey hey hey guys.. I'm back after such a long time.. I was quite busy with things..  God knows with what.. Haha.. Well, actually there are so many things I wanna say but I don't really know how to start.. Lets see.... Hmmmm...  Oh ya.. Let me start of by JPA scholarship since I really don't know what to write..

Talking about JPA scholarship, I managed to secure one.. Haha.. I should and I do consider myself lucky to get it.. I just received my letter the day before yesterday.. And guess what guys, I got Australia.. Haha.. I mean I'll be doing my degree in Australia.. Yay!! My aunt and uncle would be pretty much happy since they are going to migrate there soon.. But before that, I must do my preparatory programme here.. I will be doing..... Jeng jeng jeng.. South Australian Matriculation (SAM) in Taylor University College, Subang Jaya for 1.5 years.. Haha... I really can't wait to start and make new friends.. And the best part, two of my friends will be studying in Petaling Jaya which is quite near to Taylor College, one of my friend in UNITAR and two of my teachers doing Masters in UM.. It's so so so great because I'll be able to meet and hang out with them.. Haha.. People do need a break from studies at times.. Haha.. Apart from that, I must do my medical check up soon.. So much thing under the medical check up.. Haha.. Will be doing that soon.. A lot of things need to be done in one month and without even realising, I'll be in Taylor college.. Haha.. Time flies you see...

Enough about my JPA scholarship... Lets talk about my school's drama team.. Haha.. I was once the dramarian of my school.. Indeed, we are NONESUCH.. No team can ever replace ours.. We were like a family.. So much of memories that I will cherish always.. And this year, most of the students in the drama team are newbies.. Since we all left, the drama team has no life... Its no more lively... Haha.. Perasan lebih..=P.. I went to school for a few weeks and I'm still going to help my teacher to train the students.. Frankly speaking, they are not into their roles.. They are doing just for the sake of doing it.. My teacher will be yelling at them every single day.. Well, I experienced that too actually but we picked up the pace fast... The competition is just around the corner and yet, they are not even done with the whole play.. They still have acted the whole drama continuosly.. The continuity is not there yet.. Not to mention about the props, costumes, time limit and so many things.. Hopefully, they'll make it and win this district level.. 

Hmmm.. What else... Oh yea.. I'll be going to PWTC tomorrow.. I'm going to attend the MIED ceremony... Hehe... I'll be receiving award or should I say money for my SPM last year.. If I'm not mistaken, he'll be giving off RM 750... Wow! That's a lot of money.. $$$$$.. Hahahhaa... Nothing much about this.. But I can bet that there'll be hundres of people from all over Malaysia.. 

Still got one more month to spend before I leave for my studies.. So I planned to go out with my friends next week.. We will be going to Jusco and as usual for movies, makan and maybe bowling.. Haha.. But this time, not many will be going since half of my friends have gone for studies.. haihzz.. Missing them and the time spent together.. So emo ready... haha.. Hope we'll be having great time there although not many going.. One of my teacher will be joining.. I mean God knows she will really join or not.. haha.. So bad of me!!=P...

Well, I'm running out of things to write.. Will update all of you soon.. Take care and chiowzzz!! Sayonara!!