January 28, 2011


Hello everyone! Well about the title of this post, that's the number of my flight that I'll be flying in to Australia. So yeah, finally got to know my flight date. And I'll be officially flying on the 7th of February 2011 at 10.40pm and arriving in Sydney at 09.35am. From Sydney, my transit flight would be at 1.30 pm and will be flying in Qantas!! That's all for now! Happy flying to all my friends and will blog more soon from Australia! Australia, here I comeeeeeeeeee!!!=)Adious ppl!

January 11, 2011

Down Under!=)

everyone. It has been ages since I blogged. So here I am today, doing nothing but blogging to pass my time. Ever since my last post, many things happened. Good and bad, mostly good I guess. First of all, a very Happy New Year to everyone!

On the 16th December 2010, one of the most historical day in my life, my pre-u (SAM) results were out. It was an intense day as most of college mates stayed awake the night before to check the SAM results. Me being myself, slept early without being bothered about the results and hoped that everything to be fine. The results were out at 5.00 a.m. One of my friends, texted me to ask for my results and that is when I realised that the results were out and I rushed to my laptop to check. Impatiently, I logged into the SACE website and clicked whatever that was necessary (my heart was thumping heart as if it's going to stop the next moment). With great hope, I opened the page with my results. And there they were, my subjects and the results. I got STRAIGHT As!! I jumped in joy. Nothing else came to my mind except for 'Australia'! I made it! But then I stopped for a while. "What was my ATAR? Would I have made through 96 to enter ANU?" Then I got nervous again! Slowly, my eyes scanned through the page for the link to check my ATAR and I clicked it. There it was, my ATAR!

ATAR 98.3

I jumped in joy again! Wohooo!! And this time, it was Australian National University (ANU) and nothing else in my mind! Finally, I made it. After 1 1/2 years in SAM, my dreams had finally come true. Without any delay, I took my laptop, rushed to my parents and told them the news. They were delighted! It was indeed an awesome feeling! After much waiting (1 month approximately), I'm finally confirmed to be placed in ANU! Congrats to each and everyone of my college mates! Here is the list of my college mates and the Uni they are going!

University of Melbourne (7 ppl)
- Adri
- Beatrice

- Chloe

- Jeanne

- Jen

- Li Ting

- Nik Atikah

University of Adelaide (25 ppl)

- Adila

- Ashuvynni

- Bee Ling

- Caleb Sio

- Choi May

- Farrell

- Kai Yuan

- Khir

- Lily

- Maisarah

- Mei Yee

- Nur Ainina

- Sebastian Leong

- Shalini

- Shang Qi

- Sharveen

- Siew King

- Syakirin

- Sze Ching

- Tai Yong Fung

- Tao

- Wan Yu

- Xue Yin

- Zubin

- Zul

University of New South Wales (6 ppl)

- Badi

- Elaine

- Farah Hanim

- Nisha

- Syairah

- Yan Ni

University of Queensland (6 ppl)

- Hasniza

- Hui Hui

- Jocinda

- Mohd. Syazwan

- Nurul Izzaty

- Tan Han Shen

Monash University (6 ppl)

- Ainaa

- Ameen

- Chai Yee Ling

- Danny

- Hamidi

- Wallace Wang

Australian National University (11 ppl)

- Ahmad

- Ariah Wani

- Hunter

- Jarry

- Kuan Hsi

- Pam

- Renu

- Rui Rong

- Talitha

- Yen Wei

- Yugathes

University of Sydney (7 ppl)

- Afiqah

- Aini

- Eunice

- Kamal

- Nazrin

- Xandra

- Yasmin

University of Western Australia (1 person)

- Naquiah

Victoria University of Wellington ( 2 ppl)

- Amalina

- Nazihah

Newcastle University (6 ppl)

- Afini

- Ahmad Safwan

- Atikah

- Farhanah

- Ran May

- Wani

Canterburry University (2 ppl)

- Aiman

- Hamzah

Otago University (3 ppl)

- Benny

- Sakinah

- Syamila

BOND University (7 ppl)

- Aisyah

- Amal

- Anis Suhaila

- Juana

- Muzakkir

- Razin

- Syafiq

Taylor's Lakeside Campus (4 ppl)

- Arif

- Asyraf

- Hafiyfiy

- Syamil

University of Reading (1 person)

- Ruwaydah

University of Western Sydney (1 person)

- Harun

Lancaster University, UK (1 person)

- Zaimah

It has been indeed a fruitful and an awesome year in Taylor's! It had built my resilience throughout! Here I would like to wish all my friends success and do keep in touch which ever university you people are ending up! Lets rock in Australia! Will be flying in less than a month! Hope everything goes on well! That's all for now! Blog more soon! Take care people! Have a splendid 2011! Adios!!=)