April 17, 2010

M.A.D.U made my day once again!!!

It was indeed a great day once again... M.A.D.U is nothing but fun... Went to Seri Pantai today once again.. But today for a more serious work... Not really serious though.. LOL.. Left Casa Subang at around 9.30 pm and reached Seri Pantai at around 10a.m. i guess (didn't look at the time)... Grabbed some food to eat and went to the community hall..

Not many kids came today though due to some activities they have in their school.. We were regrouped and were assigned to different age group as well.. My group today consisted of the volunteers - myself, Renu, Miao, and Yasmin; and the kids - Bird @Siaw Pei, Han and Raj.. All of them seemed shy... Somehow we managed to bring themselves all the way out... We had some reading activities today.. We guided the kids to read the books provided and answer the exercise sheet in accordance to the book read.. Once done, it will be pasted in their journal.. After that, the kids were given their journals.. We then decided to draw pictures on the theme of Nature.. Took some time to draw and this is what I came up with..=P

Once we were done drawing, we had some 'story-drawing' session where the kids had to explain what they drew and why they drew... We then ended the session by wrapping up everything as it was time to go home..

As we were busy putting everything back, the kids came to us and asked 4 our signatures or what you call autographs... We feel so honoured to actually sign their page.. LOL.. Once I was done with that, Amami, who was in my previous group, came and stood beside me, touched my shoulder, sat beside me and hugged me.. I felt so touched to see a boy who was actually crying and shy last week coming out of his old self... Talked to him for a while and he showed things he pasted and drew.. It was indeed touching..=). Then it was time for them to go home... We had a debriefing sessions where we were told that we will be going back to Seri Pantai on 8th of May only... Missing the kids right now especially the 9-year-old boy, Amami..=)

Well got to go now... Have to go take my lunch and then take a nap... Have to study today no matter what.. Two tests on Monday.. Hope to do well in the test.. Take care people.. Sayonara!


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