November 27, 2010

Every beginning has an end!!!

Hello everyone! Every beginning has an end as well as every hello has a goodbye!! My journey in SAM has finally come to an end!! After one and a half year of hardships, obstacles, struggles, happy moments, joy, cries and laughter, it finally ended! It is an official farewell to Taylor's, SAM, Casa Subang and Subang Jaya. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone whom made my SAM life a memorable one. Though it was a hectic one, not to forget the tonnes assignments and tests, it has managed to build my resilience. This is when the famous cliche comes in "We have gone through SAM, this is nothing!!'.

I would like to thank my lecturers who have been patient in teaching and guiding me through my course.

ESL - Ms Prem, Ms Nadiah

Economics - Ms Cheryl

Psychology - Ms Wu, Ms Audrey

Accounts - Ms Choo, Ms Sakun, Ms Yong

Legals - Mr Vijay, Ms Wendy

All the names above were my lecturers for the one and a half year SAM and they have put in their best to educate me. Not to forget their high hopes on me which boosted my confidence and made me where I am today! Thanks a lot to all of you! Will always remember all of you! And of course my pre-u would have been nothing if it were not for my friends as well! Throughout my SAM, I got to know a lot of them with diverse personality and characteristic which made my course a lively and colourful one.

09J7 - Sharveen, Razin, Zul, Kat, Laila, Aicha, Nina, Mai, Ashu, Syakirin, Ling, Caleb, Tan, Nik, Eu and Ameer!!

Housemates - Wallace, Hunter, Albert, Bernard, Yong Fung

Whacko ones - Jocinda, Renu, Nazihah, Hasniza, Danny, Jarry, Lily, Choi May, Juana, Talitha, Eunice, Elaine, Yan Ni, Li Ting, Yen Wei, Farrell and the list goes on...

Thanks a lot to all of you for making my SAM one of the most precious moments in my life and thanks for being there for me all the time. Going to miss all of you. I'm now back in my hometown for good! A long break before I fly off (hopefully, LOL!)! Results will be out soon in 3 weeks time and that shall determine how my future would be. As for now, it's time to relax and enjoy the break! Well that's all for now I guess. Till then, take care everyone!!=)