April 5, 2009

Irony of Life...

Hey guys.. I know it had been quite some time I didn't blog.. Actually I was quite occupied these past few weeks and please don't ask what... Well, quite a lot of things happened in my life.. Since the day I took my SPM result till today or yesterday maybe.. Everything is like a hurricane just swirling around in my life..

Well, relating to the topic of this post, indeed everything seem irony.. Everything turned out to be the opposite way.. I'm confused right now with what should I do further.. To be more specific, I don't know which route I should take after this.. There are Form 6, A Level, Matriculation (if i am ever to get it) and maybe JPA scholarship (possibilities of getting this is one in a million).. Haha.. Hmmm... Talking about Form 6, each and everyone is discouraging us from doing it.. They say it's hard (true actually) and if I don't do well, it will be a waste of time.. Therefore, I mite take up A level or Matriculation.. As i said getting a place in matriculation would be a world wonder.. So i'm left with A level.. There is a catch though... Even A Level is not a guarantee that I will get it.. So for now, I will just have to wait and pray.. Oni God knows where I will end up..

I went to JPA scholarship interview.. My interview was held in MBI Ipoh and it was scheduled at 2.45 p.m.. There was around 40 people and everyone was divided into a few panels.. Five people will be sent at one time to be interviewed.. As for me, I was with another 3 chinese girls and a chinese guy.. They were from MGS Ipoh, Ave Maria Convent, SMJK Pei Yuan and the chinese guy was from Selangor.. The interviewers seemed quite serious but somehow they managed to make a joke and calm us down as we were extremely nervous.. I'm sure I dont have to mention why.. First we were asked to introduce ourselves either in English or Malay.. I introduced myself in Malay (my friend, Ruby advised me to do so to show we are Malaysians).. haha.. When we were all done, a discussion was held both in Malay and English.. In English it was about the 'Mat Rempit' which is becoming a national issue and in Malay it was about the Malaysia Education System.. Well I think we did quite well.. How well it was, only the judges knew.. After the discussion was over, we were asked to explain in our own words, why we deserve the scholarship.. I just said whatever that crossed my mind.. haha.. I was so much relieved when it was over... I was so happy and excited as well.. Overall, it was a great experience.. For now, I just have to wait for the results..

The results of the Matriculation will be out on 17th April.. Seriously I'm getting old by waiting.. haha... I'm actually confused on the recognition of the Malaysia Matriculation Certificate.. I don't know whether it is accepted overseas or not.. I'm trying to gain clarification on that.. Some say it is and some say it is not.. I don't know which is true.. If it is accepted overseas, then I think I will go for that (if i get it) because it's my dream to study overseas.. Haha..

School days are definitely the thing i miss the most.. The time i spent with my friends and techers... The memories are just priceless.. Talking about my school days, I got an invitation to attend the 'Hari Anugerah' which will be held on the 11th April.. I'll be getting award for my achievement in SPM.. Haha.. I'm really looking forward to it because I'll be able to see my teachers and friends once again but maybe not all.. Hmmm... I'm running out of ideas actually.. I'll blog more soon.. Till then take care guys... Adios and sayonara!!