March 4, 2009


Hey guys... If the day before yesterday was quite a bad day, yesterday was just simply superb.. Yes it was just SUPERB!! Everything went on as planned.. As usual, I woke up in the morning to confirm with my friends how we were going and finally we went to Ipoh by my teacher's car.. The exhibition was held in Dewan Cempaka Sari, Kompleks Silveritage Galleria, Medan Gopeng.. haha.. Quite a long name eh.. We went with a hope to gain some informations about the IPTAs in Malaysia.. Somehow, there was only four or five IPTS there.. Last year was much much much more better and it was held it in a four star hotel.. haha.. I guess the students this year are not that lucky.. haha.. No offence guys..=P..

So while the school students were busy browsing through the phamplets and applying for the colleges, we decided to go to McD which was a walking distance from the complex.. It was scroching hot that time and the traffic was quite heavy.. And we took quite some time eating there.. After that, my teacher called as we were sort of late... We planned to go Jusco after that to watch a movie.. Once a again, my kind and lovely teahcer (haha) fetched us and dropped us at Jusco.. We were rushing as there was only half an hour left for the movie to start.. Thinking the tickets might be sold out, we have to run straight away to the cinema.. And guess wat... There was still a lot of tickets.. Maybe it was because it was a working day and schooling day as well.. So we booked tickets for the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.. The movie was nice and the storyline was interesting.. Its just that the movie was sort of dragging in the middle and in the end.. I was dying to wait for it to end.. Haha.. Most probably because I was worried that we couldnt catch a bus back home as we had to come back by bus... Overall, it was nice..

We managed to catch a bus although it was raining (the part i hate the most).. haha.. What was irritating was the lady who was the conductor of the bus was keep on nagging non-stop.. From the time we stepped into the bus until we reach the bus station, she didn't stop talking... I was so annoyed by her.. Haihzz.. After that we took another bus to reach Kampar.. Putting it in a nutshell, the whole journey was tiring and exhausting but we enjoyed ourselves as much as we could.. Did we? Maybe not that much as there was only three of us.. haha.. Hope to have a trip after this but that depends to my result.. Haha.. SPM result will be out next week and that would determine my life and freedom as well.. Haha.. OK then.. Dont know what else to write.. Write more soon.. Until then.. Tc everyone.. Chiowzz!!!

March 2, 2009

Bad Day!!!

Hey guys.. Hmmm.. I kind of not in the right mood but just writing to split it out.. It has been a very bad day for me.. The handle of the massage chair somehow broke when I tried to pull it.. It was kind of stuck and so I have to pull it harder.. And the result is the handle is now being alone by not attached to the massage chair.. I knew I'm so dead today.. Haihzz.. It wasnt my fault because I have to pull it harder anyway to get the backrest up.. To add to that, my plate where the was rice and fried egg on it somehow fell down and everything was all over the floor.. I was so tensed up by that and I didn't even eat.. Lost my appetite that instance.. Hmmm... I thought that I should just sit down and do nothing in order to avoid unwanted things happening again but I guess its my luck to have things happen the way I don't want it to be..

We planned to go to an education fair tomorrow.. Somehow once again things are not going the way we planned.. We tought of taking a lift from my teacher and after that go to Jusco.. But my teacher wanted to send a boy with us back thinking that we will go back home right after the exhibition.. Forget to mention that we have to go back home by bus and our teacher wants us to be with that boy so that she is not worried that anything will happen to him.. But we so much wanted to Jusco and so we planned to send that boy back with his sister (our classmate as well).. And to get his sister to follow us was such a Herculean task.. Somehow our efforts were in vain..

Her father didn't allow her for no reason.. I find it so nonsensical and ridiculous.. I'm sorry I'm using this kind of words but the conditon just tensed me up.. Her father asked that boy to come back alone which makes us and my teacher worried as well.. If anything happens to him(*touchwood*) we are to be blamed and guilt will haunt us for life.. My teacher is tensed up as well and my friends are hoping to go to the exhibition and not to forget Jusco but the situation is holding us back.. Its like I'm in a dilemma whether to go or not... And now I'm feeling one kind even to ask a lift from my teacher after all this unwanted things happening at the same time.. Should I or should I not ask 4 a lift? Should I just go by bus with my friends? Hmmm.. I'm very much puzzled.. Hope to make a decision soon.. Right now I'm just sitting chatting with my friends and starving as well.. Hoping things to get better.. God bless us all.. I think that's all for now.. Tc guys.. Sayonara!